Dust and Light

by Tiros Won!

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released February 15, 2014



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Tiros Won! Roswell, New Mexico

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Track Name: Begin
arms fold in toward wooden figures made of friction their bodies fall apart
Track Name: A Tower of Wooden Instruments
see for saw sharp hammer claw bones of two by four make organs out of straw spine legs toe hoof and paw awkward on all fours creature crawls around the floor out from a pickle jar fingers swollen tight muscles straining out to write a note to send afar made with paper white stained with inky liquid thread and needle stick and bleed breed out monster makes the man who makes the feed my belly inside me lest the knees get week giving way to weather liquid flowing from the trees when the storm drain leaks countless meters count the beat two four six eight repeat stain the city street pumping greasy engine draining liquid from the sea salt for saline's sake veins all filling up to wake the waves inside of me motion rock sway quake taking stake in creatures making noise incessantly tracking blackened dirt fertile intervention breaking things for fixing things heartstrings make bad meat stained with good intention
Track Name: Electric Sun
electric sun planets you've spun make your stars come for everyone filament tone sung to the bones spark shimmer drone filled till it's blown circle and light far from above vertigo height spread out your love rise up your arms electric sun keep us from harm blind everyone
Track Name: Dry Mouth
heat breath out no voice dry mouth tone blister and burn throughout
Track Name: Horizon Song
talk electric words into horizon send them all the way into the sun a snapping sound singe carbon rings around them the burning smell no cause to be worrisome heat and light sing songs of dust denies them a space to speak to make the lungs breathe clear the longer holds the breath to lights surrounding the less a speaking voice will reappear
Track Name: Safe Word
we fall from the sky hopeful we will fly we fall from the sky light blinded bullseye